People's Campaign

Meet the Candidates

for Governor

I have served in both the public and private sector, from the National Guard to the Transit Authority to being in Civil Defense since I joined the community in 2019. I am confident in myself to say that if elected we will work for the people, we will listen to the people and most important we will get things done. Despite never being elected to public office, I understand the struggles that the people face and will work tirelessly to fix them.

for Lieutenant Governor

I've been in this state since 2019, making me a veteran of the community. I have been employed in the public sector for over a year, through the New Haven County Sheriff's Office and Transit Authority. Although I have not been elected to the senate before, I am confident I have the qualities of a leader and will be able to learn the knowledge needed in order to be the President of the Senate.


Publishing monthly reports about the process we made if elected as well as hosting bi-weekly press conferences. We plan to ensure transparency throughout our term.

Introducing new employment opportunities for department employees and citizens in the Office of the Governor. We will work towards the revival of the office within the first week of our term.

Relaxation of business regulations to grow the private sector, continuing to promote and advertise the private sector and introducing a program to fund struggling and abandoned businesses.

Nominating competent ambassadors to represent our state at foreign and domestic events to revive the diplomatic office. Our aim is to improve diplomacy and strengthen ties with other states.